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I was a breeder of Chihuahua’s for almost 20 years and when I lost my last Chihuahua became dog free for over 2 years. There was a lot of thought put into bringing another dog into our into our life and then what breed do we get!

Dennis’s family had always had Shetland Sheepdogs and I had wanted one since a teenager. So once researching the breed my choice of colour was a Tri. Tri's were hard to come across, we went to dog shows but everybody had Sables.

In our search, I spoke to Barbra Phillips. She recommended Donna Saltau of Shelbronze Kennels. After speaking with Donna, we decided to put our name down for a puppy and fingers crossed it might be a Tri. Well no Tri but a Sable litter was born and a puppy was available, so off to Donna’s we went for a look. Met Donna’s Finney (Shelbronze under the Stars) He made us want to take him home and only made the longing for a Tri even bigger.
We brought home a Sable Bitch from Donna, Shelbronze Atomic Fire (Our Miss Shea). Shea’s show career was short lived. From here we mated Shea to Aust/NZ Champion Charmhill Noahs Crusade, this gave us our Princess Tisman Noahs Charm.

Charm, as she is known, was the first born in the Tisman name and stayed with us and is still in the ring today. Her sister, Fire ov Ruby Rose (Ruby) went to Shane and Realene Parsons where she gained her CCD Obedience Title.

We then moved forward to our first Tri, Katanda Back to Jive ( Mikie) from Kathy and Andy. Mikie was the start of bigger hopes for Tisman Kennels. Mikie and Shea have produced some lovely puppies with great friendly outgoing temperaments with a lot of them very successful at Obedience.

Charm was mated to Nigma Cadfeal (Breed by Barbra Phillips owned by Ian and Cheryl Spangler), these puppies were beautiful and One Tisman Keeper ov the Flame (Jay owned by Sandy and Gary Stockman) has been very successful at agility and at the age of 2 ½ has just moved on to his masters class, Sandy and Gary also have a Shea – Mikie puppy Bree and at this moment is being trained for agility by Sandy. Gift now known as Sissy is the adored companion of Maria and Imic is also the loved companion of Pauline in SA. Charm’s next litter will be to one of Ian and Cheryl Spangler’s beautiful Shelsian Dogs.

We still wanted Tri’s more and more, they are a special type of Sheltie, you either love them or hate them. We love them.

Joan Hoare gave us the opportunity of leasing her Tri Girl Toonie Rose of Shannon. Her lines go back to the Brashelle lines which are behind our boy Mikie. I adore the Brashelle line so this opportunity was snapped up and in October 2014 our first Tri litter was born to Tisman Kennels. Thanks to Joan.

We are showing a boy Tisman Tekaybe and a girl Image of Dreams (Emme) from this litter and are very happy with their results so far.

We would like to thank all that have helped us on our way.

We hope you enjoy our story and our website, created by good friend Jenny Prout.

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